Dance photo sessions are always exciting and rewarding. I find the secret to success is having both the dancer AND the photographer do their homework.

It can be a challenge when a session starts out with... "Ok, what are we going to do?". I must confess, I have been guilty of not being prepared. After the initial head scratching, an unprepared session does find it's groove but a lot of time and energy finds it's way out the door. I learned from that mistake long ago.

So... we both need to have a vision.

Searching the enormous variety of dance images available on the internet is the simplest way to develop a vision. Most likely you'll find that, as we're shooting, you may want to add to a researched pose, thus capturing a variation that is unique to you. How cool is it to leave your mark in the dance world with a series of poses created by you?

What do we want to accomplish - standing poses or leaps and jumps? Often, depending on available time, it's better to dedicate a session to a specific style to ensure we're maximizing time and quality, then plan a "round two" for another style. 

Bottom line? We must do our homework and share our ideas before you walk in the studio door. This, I guarantee, will have you beaming with joy as you walk out the studio door.

Let's create art together!